CoinW Has Completed DREP Contract Swap and Started Deposit&Withdrawal

Coinw 2019-09-16 14:29:34

Dear CoinW users,

DREP contract swap has been completed and CoinW has swapped the token (conversion ratio is 1:1) for DREP holders as required by DREP project party. Users do not need to do any operation. Deposit and withdrawal of new DREP tokens are now available on CoinW and you can set your mind at rest to deposit and withdraw.

DREP new contract address is 0x22dE9912cd3D74953B1cd1F250B825133cC2C1b3. CoinW would like to remind hereby that please do not deposit old DREP tokens to the new address. Thanks for your support!

CoinW Team
Sep 16, 2019