CoinW Has Airdropped BXA to RNT Holders

Coinw 2019-07-15 23:12:15

Dear CoinW users,

CoinW has airdropped BXA to RNT holders on CoinW according to the snapshot on Jun 30th, 2019. The airdrop ratio is 1 RNT=0.28125 BXA.

CoinW will continue to support ONEROOT airdropping BXA to RNT holders.
Details are as follows:
Take the third snapshot of RNT holding address on 30/Sep/2019 and airdrop BXA according to the third snapshot on 14/Oct/2019.
Take the fourth snapshot of RNT holding address on 31/Dec/2019 and airdrop BXA according to the fourth snapshot on 14/Jan/2020; End

Please note:
1. RNT tokens that are pending deposit or withdrawal at the time of each snapshot will not count towards your RNT balance. Please ensure you leave sufficient time for deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot.
2. CoinW will return all BXA assets it received to RNT holders and you do not need to do any operation.

Thanks for your support!

CoinW Team
Jul 15, 2019